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  • Claudia Salgado

Why UX Designers Should Learn to Code

As a UX designer, it is not required to learn to code. However, I have been learning to code because it gives me some benefits when designing the user experience of a product or technology. A UX Designer's ability to interact with the rest of the development team will improve as their programming knowledge grows. Usually, UX Designers work alongside developers, so it is essential to speak the language of developers to communicate effectively.

UX Designers must also think like developers, translating user needs into precise design features and communicating those details in the development language. Understanding and effectively communicating the technical requirements of design will be easier if you learn important frontend skills. Also, learning to code will help UX designers the limitations of their designs because you'll understand what and what can't be done. And, because UX focuses on empathy for the end-user, the more personal a designer's knowledge of a system is, the more influential the designer will be in ensuring that the experience is seamless.

There are some benefits to learning how to code as a UX Designer, for example, communication between teams, employment flexibility, etc. UX Designers who want to learn to code have many options, like coding boot camps, YouTube channels, etc. Personally, as a UX Designer, I highly recommend learning some frontend coding like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; it will ultimately help you become a better UX Designer.

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