Album Cover Design

Illustration Design


For this project, I decided to integrate a part of myself, which is my wig and alter ego, and the thing that I love the most which are music. However, an aspect that I want to point out about music is the way it makes you feel. Each type of music genre is made to make you feel a certain way. Since I have created several alter egos over the years, as a way to diffuse the genres or the way you feel is depending on what wig color and what person you are at that moment. In other words, you are in a different state of mind, in this case in a different wig, when you choose what type of music you want to hear depending on your emotions. I integrated these two aspects of this project.

My Role

Created different album cover designs that are broad enough that can be used in any type of genre music. However, I incorporated different types of aspects that include musical instruments like headphones, piano, guitar, drums, microphones, etc, to create the patterns.

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