Graphic Designer & UX Designer

Claudia Salgado is a multidisciplinary designer currently living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Graphic design gave me a voice that I began to use beyond the screen. As a graphic designer, I am a visual communicator; I create pictorial moments and within these moments are hidden stories. I design vibrant pieces that express valuable and playful moments that are frozen in time. I use my graphic design skills to inform, influence, and instruct on a commercial level that can also be used to educate and inspire.


My purpose as a designer is to build experience upon experience and create ideas, stories, and digital strategies that transform brands. The purpose of my design is to shape the future, to preserve a moment, to visually communicate, to inform, send a message, and by highlighting certain problems and tackling them, and inserting them into other's visions. Through my designs, my personality is reflected. I scrutinize my work and place emphasis on the fine details of each project. I do this by arranging and rearranging elements of the composition with careful consideration of their subtle relationships while preserving a sense of charm and notability. In this, my work is adventurous, by making bold statements in a neat and orderly fashion.