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 UX Designer/Researcher & Graphic Designer

I'm a UX designer and graphic designer, currently living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I'm passionate about creating usable digital products that put users at the center of product design and development.  I use my education and knowledge in user experience design and graphic design to make innovative products that enact a human-centered approach.  


My purpose as a designer is to build experience upon experience and create ideas, stories, and digital strategies that transform brands and products. The purpose of my design is to shape the future, to preserve a moment, to visually communicate, to inform, send a message, and by highlighting certain problems and tackling them, and inserting them into other's visions.


As a graphic designer, I am a visual communicator; I create pictorial moments and within these moments are hidden stories. I design vibrant pieces that express valuable and playful moments that are frozen in time. I use my graphic design skills to inform, influence, and instruct on a commercial level that can also be used to educate and inspire.

I solve problems one experience at a time!

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